TRK Fusion Cancer / TRK fusiekanker
TRK Fusion Cancer / TRK fusiekanker

TRK fusion proteins are an oncogenic driver across multiple tumors in adults and children1,2

  • A tumor’s underlying genomic profile has become increasingly important in oncology. Genomic alterations, such as NTRK gene fusions, are an ongoing area of focus2-5
  • In TRK fusion cancer, the NTRK gene fuses with an unrelated gene, causing overexpression of the TRK protein2,3,6
  • TRK fusion cancer, while rare, occurs in a broad range of tumor types with varying prevalence across both pediatric and adult patients.2 The only way to discover NTRK gene fusion is to properly test for it7

NTRK, neurotrophic tyrosine receptor kinase; TRK, tropomyosin receptor kinase.


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